Qing Zhi Bao multifunctional detergent powder


 Product characteristic:

    • Health and environmental versatility detergent powder
    • Extracted from pure clean water, and extracted with fresh coconut emulsion composition, through high-tech treatment, in combination with other natural formula refined
    • No fluorescent agents, no bleach whiten and brighten agent, no petrochemicals harmful substances, phosphorus, verified by international public trust units is certainly a new environmentally friendly formula
    • The best of landry
      The medical profession found that chemical synthetic detergent harmful substances accumulated wear on the body, through the pores inhaled, cause liver, kidney, endocrine, immune function and even genetic factors lesions. Various intractable diseases of civilization even more cancer, the most common source of pollution has been recognized as household lotion! Use clear treasure keep you away from toxic chemical contamination
    • The best of cleaning greasy
      Easily remove the kitchen worktop, range hoods, oil gas stove on, easy to clean kitchen, handy
    • Carpet Cleaning
      Super detergency, foam fine less easy to wash, fragrance, no musty odor carpet cleaning effectiveness of better land
    • vehicles Cleaning
      Clean steam locomotive, glass, metals and jewelry, exceptionally bright rust force there, no corrosion
    • bathroom cleaning
      In addition to yellow dirt, keeping white, so sanitary equipment and preserve health, avoid strong acids agent of harm.
    • Content: 1ml