Liang Shi MingLutein full effect of compound capsules


 Product characteristic:

    • a full clear effortless
    • Lutein
      Calendula officinalis Contains large amounts of lutein, can help fight harmful blue light environments, so you stay away from fast-paced world
    • Anthocyanosides
      WARⅡ British Royal Air Force pilot's secret weapon ─ bilberry, contains a wealth of anthocyanins, help them benefit as Hawkeye in the night spaniels
    • Vitamin C
      Anti-oxidation, promote collagen formation, helps wound healing
    • Chinese traditional medicine
      Medlar, cassia since ancient times that is bright eyes food.
    • β- Carotene
      β- Carotene Vitamin A is a chemotactic substance, can be transformed into vitamin A, helps to maintain a visual in the dark
    • Vegetarian applicable, no artificial additives and preservatives, please safe to eat
    • content:120 capsules (500mg ±5% /grain)
    • Smoking can reduce the absorption of lutein, β- carotene